Zeudia Pastore

ZEudia_blog picZeudia is an Italian PhD student working at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology in Trondheim. This is her first experience far away from her lovely country, however the northern lights, midnight sun and fieldwork at high latitude form the framework of a great experience. Her research aims at finding out what Earth looks like a few kilometers beneath our feet in the “thin layer” that we call “lithosphere”. Since it is not possible to make a big hole in the Earth, she is analyzing geomagnetics and gravity fields. These two properties relate directly to the magnetic (geomagnetics), and density (gravity) properties of rocks. Measuring these two things provide her information about the rocks further down to understand the geological processes that have acted along the time. Zeudia is also happy to talk about science fiction films, science and everything connected to rocks.

Her department page can be found here.