Valentin Basch

ValValentin is a French PhD now working in Italy, at the University of Genova, Italy, after making his whole studies in Strasbourg, France. The big topic of his PhD subject is to understand the role of the interaction between melts and rocks of the lower oceanic crust in the building of the crust. Funny things can happen to rocks when they come in contact with something they not used to! Apart from lab sessions, locked up in a room, Valentin studies lower oceanic crust rocks directly in the mountains with different locations near Genova, and in Corsica. One day he may tell you how they got there. He looks at the relationships between the different rock types and modifications induced by the movement of melts into the mantle and crustal rocks of oceanic lithosphere. His contribution to the SeaRocks Blog will contain fun facts about abyssal depths, where lots of unusual and unknown things live/happen.