Sofia Escario

Sofia_PhotoSofia is a Spanish PhD student currently working at the Géosciences Montpellier-CNRS, France. She has always been enthusiastic about the natural sciences, but especially related to Earth and soils science. Since she was young she started collecting minerals and trekking throughout the Pyrenees. She studied a double-diploma in Engineering Geology BSc and Geology BSc at the Complutense University of Madrid. She also spent one year studying at the French University of Lorraine to obtain her Master diploma. Throughout her studies, her interests revolved around specific microscope techniques and several processes involved in minerals development. Her master’s thesis focused on the small bubbles of fluids that get trapped in the minerals structure when they start growing. Nowadays, she is investigating how fluids and rocks react at the mantle lithosphere. In detail, her project intends to characterize the processes that trigger the serpentinization reaction. She spends her time at work, dealing with experimental simulations in the laboratory and using 3D image scanner techniques on rocks, similar to how a part of your body can be scanned with medical scanners. On the SeaRocks Blog, she is going to talk about the chemical and physical properties that control the formation of minerals.