Rachael Moore

rachael_bioRachael is an American PhD student working at the Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris, France. While she did all her pre-university schooling in the USA she has been wandering around Europe studying geosciences at various Universities and Institutes since 2008. We considered plotting it all on the map, but it gets a bit confusing. In terms of science she is interested in how microbes, fondly known as bugs in the geology community, can live deep below our feet, or below the floor of the oceans. Her main scientific interest revolves around the complex question of what they eat. Unfortunately for them pasta isn’t on the menu. Here at SeaRocks blog you can expect to see her writing about microbes, how we take pictures of them, and “What on Earth did they do to that rock?”. She is also always willing to discuss life as a nomadic early career scientist.

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