Pavel Smal

PavelHi! My name is Pavel. In contrast with all other people here, I’ve never studied geology! My closest interaction with rocks is that I do rock climbing. Thus, usually when I see some rocks I do not think how it have been formed, but how I can best grip it to go up. The last three years I was living in the Netherlands–a country where there are no rocks to climb. As part of ABYSS I have moved to Montpellier in the south of France where there are lots of nice cliffs. Being quite busy with the project, I am not sure I can try all of them, but I will give my best. Since I don’t know geology you may wonder how I am involved with the ABYSS project. It appears that my background in mathematics can be helpful with the processing of experimental data. So that is how I became involved. And maybe by the end of the project I will not just think of rocks as something to climb up, but also about how they are formed.

His department page can be found here.