Manuel Menzel

Manuel_blog-pictureHi, I am Manuel a German PhD student now working at the Andalusian Earth Science Institute in sunny Granada in southern Spain. I did my Bachelor and Master in Geology at the University of Freiburg in southwest Germany, and during my Master’s degree I also spent one year at the world’s northernmost University in Tromsø, Norway. Right from the start of my studies, mantle rocks fascinated me the most. How they form, how they get to the surface and what happens to them then? Adding a little carbon to these rocks makes things even more interesting. Because of this I investigated natural examples of carbonated peridotites during my BSc thesis and during my MSc thesis studied carbonate-rich melts (carbonatites). Right now during my PhD within the ABYSS network, I am studying the fate of carbon in serpentinite rocks from their birth to their death. My contributions to the SeaRocks Blog will focus on different aspects of carbonation reactions and of the global carbon cycle – linking the ABYSS to its ultimate fate, subduction.

His department page can be found here.