Kristina Dunkel

Kristina_blog_picWhen she was seven years old, Kristina watched a documentary on the first live on Earth and promptly decided to become a palaeontologist. This plan lasted through many years of collecting fossils and visiting natural history museums until the third semester of studying geosciences at the University of Münster, Germany. At that time, she attended her first lecture on mineral processes and became more and more unfaithful to palaeontology. When she did her master’s degree, she fully changed to mineralogy and experimented on minerals to study how they replace each other. Now, she is doing her PhD at Physics of Geological Processes in Oslo, Norway. True to the name of the research group, she works on the feedbacks between physics and geology that control the interaction of the rocks beneath the ocean with the ocean water itself. To do so, she looks at rocks in the field and under the microscope and tries to learn as much as possible from the physicists in her group.

Her department page can be found here.