Emmanouil Giampouras


Emmanouil is a Greek PhD student at Instituto Andaluz de Ciencias de la Tierra, Granada. During his bachelor studies in Greece he came across unique geological landscapes, fascinating rocks and volcanic islands. These rocks and landscapes are more than enough to trigger someone’s interest for geology! He is now doing his PhD in Spain after he decided to study abroad, seeking to extend his scientific knowledge, explore different cultures and make new acquaintances. Born by the sea, he considers himself lucky to be studying rocks and geological processes on and below the seafloor. His luck though doesn’t stop there! He also is studying his favorite subject thus far in his scientific career; mineralogy. In Granada, Emmanouil studies minerals that were created when fluids interacted with rocks below the ocean floor. However, sometimes laboratory experiments are the best way to study something natural. So, in addition to his natural minerals he produces mineral crystals experimentally to better understand how they form. SeaRocks blog will host his theory about the -invisible to normal people- society of mineral crystals. He, also can discuss with anyone interested how exciting life can be within the scientific community.

His department page can be found here.