Carlotta Ferrando

Carlotta_blog_picCarlotta is an Italian PhD student working at the department of Géosciences-CNRS Montpellier, France. She loves travelling, so during her geosciences studies in Genova, Italy she spent an academic year at the University of Zaragoza, Spain, and she has also volunteered at different National Parks in the United States. Her adventures put her in close contact with nature and enhanced her passion for geology research, with increasing interest on the evolution of oceans. Now she focuses her research on the formation of rocks found deep under ocean seawater, called the lower oceanic crust. You may ask yourself: “How do we get rocks that are ~2km deep in the Earth?” The answer “Ocean Drilling!” Sampling rocks using deep holes in the oceans amazed Carlotta since the beginning of her studies. She has the possibility to be part of a Scientific Party on a research vessel, and will be spending two months on board the Joides Resolution in the middle of the Southwest Indian ocean. Here in the SeaRocks Blog Carlotta will write about land field work compared to ocean expeditions, and she will reveal the message hidden in the main minerals forming the oceanic crust.

Her department page can be found here.