Barbara Zihlmann

Barbara_blogHi, my name is Barbara and I’m doing a PhD at the University of Southampton in the UK. I’m from Switzerland, so I moved from the country with the most beautiful mountains to the flat grounds of Southern England, where I’m now enjoying life on the coast! During my PhD I’m working on hydrothermal cooling of lower oceanic crust at fast spreading mid-ocean ridges. My field area is in the Oman ophiolite where I am studying hydrothermally altered gabbros. I aim to learn more about the origin and composition of fluids causing this alteration as well as their implication in cooling the lower part of newly formed oceanic crust. I combine field work with geochemical analyses and fluid flow modeling. In the SeaRocks blog I’ll be writing about the ocean crust, scientific ocean drilling, and different analytical techniques.

Her department page can be found here.