Aurélien Beaumais

Aurélien is a french postdoc who is currently working at the National Oceanography Centre (Southampton, UK). The naturalistic approach and numerous field courses he experienced crystallized his passion for geology. He really likes understanding how the Earth machine works, especially how the rocks have been formed and what is the chemical exchange during geological processes. He did a Master in geology at the University Paris South. After this, as a PhD student at the University of Brest and a Teaching and Research Assistant at the University of Lorraine, he led an exciting geochemical study of the active Vanuatu volcanoes setting in the Pacific ring of fire to better understand the magma genesis processes. Now, he is focusing on hydrothermal water-rock exchange process in the oceanic crust beneath the ocean. To better understand this natural process, he simulates this in a lab in injecting seawater into a rock and he analyses the composition of the reacted fluids and minerals. On the SeaRocks Blog, he is going to talk about isotopes as a powerful tool in geoscience studies.

Aurélien’s department page can be found here.button-researchgate