Adriana Currin Sala

Adriana_PhotoAdriana is a PhD student from Barcelona, Spain. She did a Geology BSc at the University of Barcelona with a year abroad, and then an MSc in the Netherlands. After those she decided to continue looking down the microscope at colorful minerals and she moved to the Mineralogy Institute of the Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany. Now, she is trying to figure out how amphiboles, a group of minerals in igneous and metamorphic rocks, can become very rich in chlorine after being in contact with fluid from the ocean floor, and how this affects the formation of lower oceanic crust. This research involves experimental work using rock powders and saline solutions. They are baked in very specialized ovens to simulate formation in the natural system. It also involves studying rocks that came all the way from Oman. In SeaRocks blog, Adriana will tell us interesting facts about rocks and minerals, what happens to them and what secrets they hide.

Her department page can be found here.