Life as a (semi-) nomadic early career scientist

One of the great things about being a geoscientist is that travel is often an integral part of your research and work. Geoscientists work in the field, we go to conferences and short courses all over the world, and some of us even move countries for our jobs. This often means being thrown head first into a new country and culture. An early career scientist (ECS) is someone who is very early into their scientific career, for example all of the regular authors at SeaRocks blog. While the exact definition of who qualifies as an ECS varies there is nearly always one consistency: an ESC’s life, such as mine, is often filled with uncertainty of what, and where, is next. A PhD is a fixed term contract. There are no guarantees that your next position, be it a post-doc, or job in industry, will be in your current city, or even on the same continent. Continue reading